Im tiberiusric CEO of Comply Or Die corp opened in 2006

discord : https://discord.gg/DGq8HAS
our Killboard - https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98227378/ over 5 trillion isk killed in the 2 months

in game channel : comply or die


We are veteran players of up to 17 year, some have played since 2003 when eve first started
Comply or die was opened in 2006 thats 14 years ago! We have fought in many wars in nullsec, we been pirates, weve fought in faction warfare. Our ethos however as always been the same, we are about bringing in good people who want to be part of a great close knit corp, have fun, make friendships and a few explosions on the way.

:question:WHAT DO WE OFFER OUR PLAYERS :question:

In this corp you are a person, a corpie, comrade, friend, never ever a number like so many large corps and alliances. We help each other, we fight with each other.

> We are a very active corp currently involved and shooting Imperium and friends in eves current major war World War Bee 2 with enormous amount of content

:star: We are part of Pandemic Horde Alliance and Panfam Coalition
:star: https://evemaps.dotlan.net/alliance/Pandemic_Horde
:star: Incredible amount of Nullsec space. look here : sov.space

:star: Great amount of PVP Content, small to large fleet fights in the 1000s. Fleets constantly through out the day

:star: Endless PVE Content, from anomalies, DED Space missions, exploration, ratting and mining fleets. So plenty of opportunity to sustain PVP

:star: Access to incredible infrastrucure from Azbel, Sotiyos, fortizars and Keepstars, a fantastic jump bridge network and a great nullsec market

:star: Allliance SRP, Supercap Umbrella

:star: Comms, forums, discord, Active FCs

:star: We literally have everything you need or could ever want

:question: WHAT PLAYERS ARE WE LOOKING FOR :question:

:arrow_forward: Active players willing to get involved

:arrow_forward: Have experience playing eve and willing to join in pvp content**
:arrow_forward: Active and Omega
:arrow_forward: No Drama Queens, Mature
:arrow_forward: Self Sufficient
:arrow_forward: YES we accept indy pilots but must also be willing to get involved in fleets and help corp indy needs.
:arrow_forward: 10m SP minimum
:arrow_forward: Chilled, likes to have some fun and banter!
:arrow_forward: WE ARE A MIXED TZ CORP - UK - EU - US

recruitment open

daily bump


recruitment open

recruitment open

recruitment open

Open for great people

open for great pilots


recruitment open

Recruitment open

Good guys keep coming

come join a great corp

great corp great people, just join up or speak these guys

hey all come and join us great people

some fantastic people, lots of active dudes too

Recruitment open! Active corp with good players

we are bringing more great players - come join them

come and havea chat