0G PVP NULL SEC Shenanigans - Winter Coalition

We Are Dark Shadow Syndicate.
Strike from the valley of the shadows!

CEO: Darkrune EastBlue

We are a EU/US Timezone Combat Engineer Corp. (PVP/Production/Trade) We build ships to kill ships. Self Sufficient corporation that highly organized with established experienced leadership.

Our members are as close in real life as much as in the world of gaming who continue to develop and expand the EVE Online experience.
If you are casual or serious EVE Online player, if you think you can take a good joke, if you are a team player (who can be self efficient) and active that you would like to bond new friendships, or try new things in EVE Online then our doors are opened.

Building our economic superiority giving pilots within content and the opportunity to make isk. Our pilots are very experienced and well diverse specialization committed to teamwork. The goal is to provide content for players to have fun. “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”

Our Requirements:
✪ Must be ESI Authenticated
✪ Participate in Corp PVP Fleets
✪ Must be connected Discord
✪ Real Life Comes First
✪ Ability Tech I Production
✪ 5 Mill Sp Minimum
✪ Covert Ops/Capitals/

We Offer you!
✪ PVP Content
✪ Active EU/US Corp ops
✪ In House Market
✪ Veteran PVP Corporation
Active Killboard

Join us in The Fight!

Please Join Channel: Shadow Builds

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