100 mil to the most evil character portrait #5

How about my lovely mugshot :slight_smile:

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Should i put this here XD


that is very nice, but unfortinatly unless we have the ability to create a new race… this cant be used

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Well, I redid the portraits of my Amarr Pirate Alts and figured I should post them here. Mainly because I like these types of threads and it allows me to show them off.


DeMize Cruller

Cruller’s Girl

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thats why i made this post. Cruller`s girl is a Winner. Love it pm me or mail me ingame with her and you get 100mil. Ty for the nice pic

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Wow thanks, I mainly do this for the pleasure of showing off my artistic talent.


In fact out of my 11 characters, Cruller’s Girl is definitely one of my top favorites.

Anyway, thanks again. I’ll be sure to have her contact you in-game asap.

“I is nub here”

this is my first post, and found appropriate thread for me :stuck_out_tongue:, still #2 post is the most evil i love it.

edit: idk how to get large portrait image, pls teach me :slight_smile:

edit2: done, thanks @Orochimaru_Angel and @DeMichael_Crimson


Ingame you click on your characters Picture and take save portrait. Then you head into your Map with captures and portrait, and get the Picture there. It might be located in "your computer-Documents- eve).


When you’re in the game, r-click on your characters name in chat channel and select ‘show info’, then click the picture in the character info box to open a large portrait of your character, then right-click the large portrait and select ‘save portrait’.

That will be saved in Eve -> Capture -> Portrait file on your computer. You can then upload it to an image hosting site like https://imgur.com/ - then copy the link for it there and post it here which will then show as a large picture of your character.

I think I got that right. Anyway, there’s probably an easier way to post a large portrait here, hopefully somebody will explain that.

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Some villains are just plain gorgeous. I’ll take that ISK now, thank you very much. :kissing_heart:


That is very true. But thats also not what I’m asking for. Lovely pic tho

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