100tril kill for CODE

As a true and wholesome agent of the New Order, I simply cannot lie.

best topic of 2022


What a massive implosion by Aiko.

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:rofl: Quick! Hide the whisky bottles!!

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Praise James 315!


Not been that active of later with real stuff , mind shedding light on what happened to Mineral Hounds and if I ask Aiko she will ask for isk

I do find all the facts about groups within eve fascinating , shame we can’t have an unbiased factual thread to log all the activities disputes and the fall and rise of some groups .

Even Aiko’s rants contain small nuggets of our history.

Btw where is Jason Kusion and who is the Loot fairy guy in uedama. Not that it has any bearing on game play but interesting to know , it’s our story we are writing ,let keep adding to it and have fun too.


I don’t think he ragequit the forum… more like he got tired of your bullshiit. Poor him, he couldn’t turn his eyes away from your cringe posts :sweat_smile:


You called it.

You already know quite a bit about this topic, unless you forgot everything.


Nothing really happened to MMH apart from the fact that our activity has decreased for a lengthly period. We still go about our business but quieter as quite a few of our numbers as had to pursue [RL] interests that require a break from EVE, myself included!

Those that are still very active have joined up with Goonswarm, Novus Ordo. or Wrecking Machine to continue their journey and enjoying activities with other people. none of which have joined up with Safety. which displeases our Princess here. But rest assured we, MMH, will be back on tour soon! :heart:


In the AG Chat channel someone mentioned that he was no longer playing, from observations, he has been taking breaks in between playing over the last few years and the length of these breaks were getting longer and longer. This player suggested that he had actually stopped playing for good. I have no idea whether this is true or not. From the way he was chatting in the AG chat channel he was certainly ganker aligned.

I have him blocked and have had for some time. So my eyes have been well and truly averted from his cringe posts. I explained my reasons for no longer actively posting at the same time Githany made an announcement on giving up on making threads, if you want me to locate that for you I can. I left that thread and I asked the CCP Dev to eve mail me if they are ever going to improve things.

For information I now comment very selectively and reply to certain people, I no longer actively post here in terms of activities in game or this conflict between certain strident gankers and AG, it seems to have upset a few people, especially that cringe person.

I was pretty much focussed on the AG conflict, but certain weak people got rather salty and started do all manner of silly salty stuff, aided and abetted by people who are not supposed to be selective on what they deal with based on whether they found it creative or not.


The best thing is that James 315 keeps SRPing my loses. I love him.

That’s probably a good idea. Me, I laugh my a- off at his attempts to be relevant and tries to get a rise out anyone who would read his cringe.

Isn’t it that the correct way to forum? That’s what I do anyway, I don’t live in the forum and a lot of things are better left unanswered.


On badly moderated, or biased forums yes.


We don’t recruit miners.


No bro, he literally rage quit :smiley:

Still bitter eh? :smiley:

I’m new to forums, this forum and Elite forum are the only ones I signed up for. Was a rocky start on here but thanks for the suggestions, best way is to answer selectively and not respond if it won’t help the conversation.

Especially on those ones :laughing:


The CODE always wins, ALWAYS!