11mil SP Scanning alt


I am for sale and I am a pretty decent scanning alt,

Postive wallet / sec status / I pay transfer fee etc all CCP rules,


Start bid 8bil
B/O 12bil

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5,5 bil

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7.2bil or free bump

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7,5 bil

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Thanks for the bids so far,

This will end tonight at 23:00 Eve time.

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Jack if you want to send isk & account name and will start the process,

apologies for delay in replying had some disruption at work.

sorry,After further research, offer is retracted

Ok no problem, as the start bid was not met will continue this till Friday 23:00 Eve time.

EDIT: Unless Avallah your offer of 7.5 still stands?

I can offer 7b

Offer valid 24 hours

Any takers for 8bil?