120M+ dedicated Subcap PVP Looking for a home (USTZ)

Edit: sorry I forgot to mention I am US East TZ, so largely a 20:00-0200 Eve time play window. Unless I get weekends off.

As title says, 120M+ SP Subcap PVP pilot looking for corporation. Would prefer Low Sec, but would be alright with Nullsec as well.

I can fly all subcap ships except for the recent additions (Edencom/Triglav) although it has been sometime since I have played.

You get me, as well as additional support of 2 alts 1 is a JF/Cap/Super/Titan capable character with strong industiral subset. The other is a Black Ops support specialist, with full fleet command and support abilities. Neither will formally join the group, and you will be privy to their identities if needed.

I have been in and out of EVE for 14 years and am knowledgeable of the current EVE climate. But im old now, and the real life comes first, so I may not be overly active…but will be around.

Hit me up if you interested, if not…hope the next guy isn’t.

Fly Safe o7

Hi Pinky,

We have a RL friendly group based in Catch nullsec. We may not be a perfect fit, but check out our ad anyway and see what you think. Hopefully we get a chance to chat soon

come check us out and we might peek your interest o7

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Hi there Pinky

If you can consider an independent group operating in venal please make sure to read more about us on our website.

We are not part of the blue doughnut sov warfare and our only goal is to have fun and keep things as simple as possible. We play eve for what it is sa GAME :slight_smile:

Best of luck finding a new home


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come and have a chat with us mate ,we would love to speak to you

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