14 hours Later .. Character not received nor the confirmation Email

am not sure if this is the right forum to post this but i didn’t receive any confirming email from CCP that character is being transfered eventho the guy said it did … the post link is WTS Skillfarm with Bio, Cyber V and +5 implants
i need help …

I’m guessing he meant he opened a GM ticket, You can still transfer with plex but it takes waiting on a GM to get to your ticket which can be 12h to 5 days

oh … alright … i was kinda confused since i got no email (it’s my first Time ) and i tried to contact GM and no answer yet… Thanks for the reassurance will wait and see

Either way Bazaar is the only place you can’t scam

You don’t need to worry. Character Bazaar is the only place in EVE where a scam results in a permanent ban. So you’ll either receive your char or you’ll get your ISKies back and the offender will be banned.

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