145m looking for wormhole small to mid gang 2300-0400

But please have 100+ kills I’m the past week on the kb or else it’s not exactly active.

I enjoy flying solo logi or ewar for gangs of 4 to 12 dudes. My preferred playstyle.

I also enjoy corps that are not risk averse, and enjoy dropping citadels in other people’s holes for content. Astrahus are cheap as chips after all.

I don’t care where you live, or what you fly. I do prefer busting out of a null static to wreck unsuspecting care bears in an effort to get fights, but I can do full wormhole stuff too. Just less recently experienced in that regard.

Check us out:

Citadels not so cheap… might want to check the patch notes or dev blog on upcomming changes.

Hey Hyuga check us out. We are a pvp focused c5 - c5 corp. Pm me in game or check out our public chat!

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