16 Year Veteran

I am a toon that was born in 2003. I’ve played for most of that time. I have multiple accounts. I have trained up for ships to make ISK in and some just for fun. I’ve ebbed and flowed with the changes. I had 3 toons that could Rorq pilot. All trained up, or injectors from my main. I have worked and paid for this. Last month, CCP told all 0.0 and indy pilots that they don’t care about them, and have decided to take all the time and energy invested by those customers, ( I say customers, because that’s what we are to them. Not community members, or family. We are money to CCP), and thrown it right out the window. And now, my last happy place, Supers is getting nerfed to.

16, almost 17, years I’ve been a loyal player. I’ve brought people into Eve. I’ve raved on about it when others are sick of hearing me.


Can I have your stuff? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Be resilient. If you have been here for that time you must have had both good and bad experiences with the game and it’s million changes. If you do decide to leave, can you send me some ISK?

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Your last ranting thread was closed.


This one will probably be closed soon too.

I am sorry to not even start to know what it must feel like to have something like that to effect your happy place.

The changes though don’t seem to hurt me as much or that I don’t see an issue with my game play even though I am just May 2018.


No, just no!! :frowning_face:

How can I get his stuff if you make him feel better?


Me! Me! I want his stuff! Please?

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Like the guy in the pic, too old, too slow :rofl:

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Sometimes though, the game is a trial…

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Last time I checked, this was not a charity. Was CCP nationalized by Iceland???

I want universal income! Free healthcare! Subsidized childcare! Free university!

You’re a customer to every business. Some just want you to develop a parasocial relationship with them because it contributes to brand loyalty. So, I’m not exactly how you can be mad at CCP for not treating you like family.

Also, yep. You’re completely right. They don’t care about nullsec. I mean, they only have a ton of alts, improve player retention, and generate free advertising when their activities make the gaming news. And they’re totally not trying to fix longstanding problems, including those that nullsec’ers have been vociferously complaining about. All I can say is, about damn time you decided to join us in reality.

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:confused: Yeah…you’re right OP…darn…

Well…guess I’ll stick around at least a little longer out of curiosity at how quickly it will all fall down…

If you have any stuff you would pass to me I’ll use the ships (at least maybe for a little while if they’re even usable very long with all the crappy nerfs… :frowning: ) and figure out how to use the isk to try and “go out with a bang” somehow.

Maybe I’ll see you around in some (kind of sad to say…because this one used to be good…) better game out there…


I think quite a sizable portion of Eve players actually pay to not to actually play the game… they actually pay just to be able to complain about how CCP doesn’t care about them :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess if it deflects from real life issues (like their family/world not caring about them etc.) it’s still a form of RPG!

Is anyone else bothered by this?
He identifies as a “toon” who has “several accounts”.

Mate, you never were anything but a golden goose. You were catered to for many, many years and you had it way better than you deserved. Other people are playing this game as well, outside of nullsec. You’re selfish, self-centered, inflate your importance and have no idea what’s going.

I’m missing any mentioning of “I’m quitting”,
but in case you do,
then I’m glad to see you go.


projecting yourself on others much? Let’s check some forum posts and see who spouts self importance non @##@ stop.

The OP has a POINT…something that routinely escapes you , one of hte master trolls of this forum thats given given green light to ■■■■ over everyones ideas on a daily basis.

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This pretty much.

Had it too good, and now it’s being put right your’re spitting your dummy out.

There are more players outside of null than in it. More players not using supers than using them. And if you’ve really been playing 16 years you’d recognise how unsustainable things were and why they need to change…


I’m not the one whining about how they don’t care about me anymore,
after caring about me more than they have should for way too many years.

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In some cultures there’s a thing called customer loyalty that builds up over time.

A lot of people who actually paid for Eve for a long time feel like they have a thing to say. Its not right for you to ■■■■ all over people’s ideas because you don’t agree.

Someone who’s played over 1.5 decades , who comes in here, ought to be able to express themselves without your unnecessary trolling negativity.

You are the reason why moderation makes me sick on this forum. Its like the mods/CCP want to encourage your type of discourse on the forum…the issue is your comments are anti community and you dont add anything positive ever.

The op has a point deal with it.


Yes, from the perspective of a selfish person who doesn’t give a rats ass about how good he had it at the cost of everyone else outside of his “group”, including the economy, then he has a point! Indeed! What an entitled, selfish twat you are!

I’ve been paying for this game too, you know? I didn’t just PLEX because I got my ass stuffed with goodies, I paid with real money! I didn’t get my ass stuffed with buffs and ISK all these years, that was people like the OP and probably you. I’m not the asshole whining about how I’m not getting my ass stuffed with ISK anymore, that’s the OP!

I’m not projecting, you’re just as much of a self centered, selfish jerk as the OP! Cry me a river! If you don’t like what’s happening, then go away! That’s a partly goal of what’s happening now! CCP knows that many of you will leave and they definitely won’t cry a single tear about it!

Fun Fact you won’t like:

You’ve been milked out of your money and now you’ve served your purpose!

That’d imply these badly raised brats care about anything but themselves.