2018/03/08 - Connectivity / Database Issues

(CCP Falcon) #1

Hey guys,

We’re currently investigating a couple of connectivity / database issues with Tranquility.

This will more than likely require a quick reboot soon. Please keep your eyes on this thread for further information.

Apologies for any inconvenience this is causing!


16:55 UTC - We’ll be taking TQ offline briefly for a short unscheduled downtime.
17:00 UTC - TQ is now offline for a short unscheduled downtime.
17:15 UTC - We are currently in the process of faultfinding, no current ETA for uptime.
17:20 UTC - TQ is back online in VIP mode for faultfinding.
17:28 UTC - TQ is now back online and accepting connections - Currently in monitoring mode.
17:37 UTC - TQ is offline again after a second database issue. We are currently investigating.
17:48 UTC - TQ is back online again in VIP mode for testing.
17:53 UTC - TQ is now online and acceping connections, we’re currently monitoring.
18:00 UTC - TQ is offline again due to repeated issues. We are still investigating the problem.
18:14 UTC - TQ is back online in VIP mode for further checks.
18:17 UTC - TQ is now online and accepting connections (again!). We’re currently monitoring.
18:35 UTC - TQ appears to be stable, we are still monitoring.
19:00 UTC - We’re still monitoring several minor CPU Spikes on TQ.
20:00 UTC - CPU load appears to have normalized - All clear! Spaceships! Go! Go! Go!

(CCP Falcon) #2

(Black Ambulance) #3

F …

(Anderson Geten) #4

funny, chat was still working.

(corran cornelious) #5

unplug all things!!!

(Noggin Locke) #6

so how many titans are going to die?

(Gian Bal) #7

less gifs more fixing

also @CCP_Falcon when is next alliance logo implementation, You told me within 6 weeks in december now its been like 12 weeks

(Jen Outamon) #8

Did you turn it off and turn it back on again?

(Julien Brellier) #9


(Blitz Hacker) #10

pretty sure they disconnected the chat from main servers, ironically the only thing still working now

(Black Ambulance) #11

slowest reboot ever …

(Linux Kernel) #12

Server Upgrayddd

(Dyver Phycad) #13


(Keelah Sor'gri) #14

They laid off too many of the hamsters?

(Mad Dawg Yaken) #15


(Emmjayen Nemo) #16

Hired exotic dancers have orchestrated a mutiny against me. They’ve taken control of my ship’s computer system and won’t let me out of my capsule. Help!

(Jurchik82) #17

I lost ships, it will be repaid ??

(Joey Belvar) #18

How can you tell? Surely it’s Schrodinger’s ship right now…

(Andius Fe) #19

I think this is the issue: labor discontent;

In all seriousness though, here’s to hoping for a quick fix CCP. :fist:

(Ghost Negotiator) #20


Hampster fast asleep, he sure is…