34 Bill Buyout 45.4 Mill SP JF - SCANNER - SuperCap Builder - Trader


Happy bump day

Let me be the one to build you a Super Cap

Sent a mail to you, PLZ Check!

28B Offer

Why wait 34 Bill insures your place as the new owner of this character

Bump looking for a 34 Bill Buyout

Thursday bump

Friday night bump

I’ll bump up to 30B, final offer.


If no other offers in 24 hours
I will accept your offer

Remember 34 Bill is the Buyout

Hello. Do you accept? Thank you!

Yes if you can wait until the 4th so I can get RL funds to pay the transfer I’ll confirm the char is yours if you agree

This is acceptable.

This char is sold pending to @River_Miles

I must retract my 30B bid. The 28B offer still stands.

Bump first 34 BIll wins

Friday bump

Sunday bump

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