36m t2 Super Pilot

Character is approx 35m SP (skills are specific to flying supers, t2 bombers etc.

Wallet balance: 80m
No killrights
High Grade Slaves
No Jumpclones
Region: Sinq liason

Appears the thread wasn’t made by the character that’s being sold and the character is still in a player corp.

Nevertheless, I’m looking for a super pilot so I’ll throw in a bid of 29b.

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sorry ive been away from the game for uh yea a while so you’ll have to forgive me if any of that doesnt make sense, I can get the character out of corp before transfer.

The character will be in the nyx but as I understand it current value for nyx is 50bn+ so id only accept 70bn (as its well fit for travel and offer for character above was 29bn so I think this is a reasonable discount)

Or I can buy NYX separately and I can provide 40B

if you make it 62bn for both then you’ve got a deal.

Provide 41B, and then you can sell the character to the brother above. In total, you will get 70B ISK

its much simpler to sell them together for me so its a package deal ugh 58bn done :smiley:

You’re not supposed to sell assets along with characters on the character bazaar.
Sell the Nyx first, drop corp and remake the thread.

yea i know but i dont have any way of separating the two as I dont know any keepstar owners so i dont have any other way of listing it

You gotta get him moved to a free ported Keepstar, cyno alts and down time tanking.
Or toss up a POS in the same system, with an SMA on your main.

if you can tell me where one of those are then that would be helplful - like i say ive been away 3 years :smiley:

I can provide a total of 60B. You can contract my current role with NYX at a price of 40B. In addition, I will provide 20B for your role that is on sale. This deal can be completed today if you agree

Or you can all be patient and let the op figure out a way to sell his stuff that is within the very clear rules?

Items cannot be listed among the character’s valuable assets, only skills, implants, SKINs, and reputation. You are buying/selling the character ONLY and nothing else. Ships and items can be readily bought or sold on the market for ISK.

As it stands, your best bet for acquiring this character is helping the op get his Nyx docked and sold safely.

Sorry, I didn’t see your message above.。 It’s really hard, you need to find a building that can dock your NYX

yep yep sorry everyone working it out :smiley:

Since everything here looks like the character can not be sold according to the Forum Rules, this post is closed.

Please read the rules again and create a new post if all requirements are met.