48+M SP Pilot Looking for PvP (Preferably WH)

Hello Everybody!

There are a lot of great corps out there but I just cannot decide on one!

So a bit of background of myself, I have only experience the Industry part of the game (I have 4 toons and did multibox mining for the duration of my Eve Life) My only PvP experience comes from home system defence, etc, etc. You can check my https://zkillboard.com/character/92956036/ killboard.

I am primarily looking to gain experience in PvP ONLY (no more mining, etc), over the last few months. I have gathered enough money to fund my PvP adventures for many months now (Having said that, I am only comfortable with flying stealth bombers/scouts/asteros/T1 Interdictors/Interceptors for the first few weeks of PvP experience). I am looking for people who know what they are doing. I am open to losing my ship of course, I just don’t want to lose my ship for no takeaway whatsoever.

I am usually on around Downtime to Downtime + 3-4 hours.

The ideal corp would be:

  • Preferably in a WH with a lot of content - a place to dock is a must to store my ships and put my clones! :slight_smile:
  • Great people to live with who have the Real-life first mentality
  • Any call-to-arms or mandatory roaming fleets are a no-go
  • Room/Space for some solo roaming/pvp
  • A good corp industry infrastructure is a plus (e.g. can manufacture modules and ships - I can provide blueprints since my industry alt has LOADS of T2 blueprints including many stealth bombers)
  • A corp with good fitting libraries and ship doctrines would also be a plus.

Here’s what I offer:

  • Full API keys
  • When I am active, I will usually help scan down the chain
  • Scouting and roaming participation (can fly T2 HICs, HACs, Stealth Bombers, etc)
  • I can help roll wormholes if the ships are available.
  • If you have any mining ops and I am free, I can boost with a porpoise (near max skills for boosting)
  • I am a teamplayer :slight_smile: as you can see from my activities defending my homeland even as an indy.
  • If I really like the corp, I might activate all my indy Alts to help with logistics (Jump Freighting, Manufacturing, Mining)

Looking forward! o7

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Hello @Queen_Jule,

I read your post and was impressed to see exactly what you wanted out your EVE content. We are a well established WH Training Corp/Alliance. We always believe in IRL, first.

We also believe that if people want to log in, it betters everyone’s content. CTA’s do happen, but mostly as a reminder to anyone that their is an opportunity for PVP (inside or out) of WH. Because we are so established, any and all your industry needs can be met. And if there is an area we need improvement on, well we tend to change that as members request more!

We are a very versatile group of pilots from all walks of EVE space and our doctrines are strong. However with that being said, pilot skills make or break the battle most of the time.

We believe in the betterment of EVE content, so as long as you are being social within the society, you will do well.

If you get a chance, come take a closer look at who and what we are…

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC -Jump to be Known!

If your interested we run a WH group that is quite active. C3 w/ C3/C5 Statics. I’ll toss you a message in game.

For more info

Hey! If you want to be part of a smaller corp and work together in building it up, give us a call!

The small-ship thing would be great as we are moving to a Wolf-Rayet system and well… small-gang, small-ship hunting ftw!

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