5 Million sp Caldari Blaster Pilot For Sale, Price Reduced to sell

Hello I am for sale, my name is X P Dophiale. I have 4,980,085 million skill points (655,000 of them are unallocated)

It takes 250k skillpoints to get a rank 1 skill to level 5 so with the unallocated skill points you can instantly get 2 rank 1 skills of your choice to level 5 with a bunch left over.

I created this character as a Caldari Combat Blaster Pilot, is well trained up to Battle Cruiser and Medium guns, a perfect pilot for the new faction war changes coming into effect.


I was created 2016-09-29
I have no kill rights
I have a positive isk balance
My standings allow me to fly everywhere in hi-sec space. (0.03)
I have no jump clones installed anywhere.
I have a few implants (see skillboard)
I have left corporation with a mail I am to be sold.
I have a yearly remap available and also 1 bonus remap.

I am docked in hi sec in Athinard, Sisters of Eve Station

Want to sell for 2.5 billion B/O

I will pay transfer fee

Price lowered to 2.5 bill B/O

b u m p

Bump y

b u m p y


A bump a day keeps eve in play

a 0ne and a two and a one two three four …kabump

bump still available

still availabe

yes 2.5 billion b/o

still available 2.5 billion b/o

b u m p

Hello! Not yet sold?