57M Gallente carrier/multi-racial subcap pilot, born in 2010

Hello there. I am selling this character.

Skillboard link.
(The client reports 57.1M SP at time of posting, not sure what the discrepancy is. He is also in Federal Navy Academy, a Gallente NPC corp).

This character is 12 years old, and has a lot of PVP skills. He can basically fly most subcaps from any race, and up to Gallente carriers. He is skilled in a number of T2 Gallente ships, too.

Character will be located in Jita 4-4 and be delivered with a nominal positive wallet balance.

I am looking for at least 35 billion ISK. I had previously solicited offers for this character two years ago and received offers of up to 37 billion (but decided not to sell), and the character has gained some 7M SP since then. I am determined to sell this time, however.



42B offer,If you agree, please contact me in the game and send an email.

Thank you. I am considering your offer. I am going to let the thread run for another few hours to see if there are any other offers.