68m Command Ship pilot looking for a PST WH crew

Hey everyone.

I’m a returning player looking for a WH group to join up with. I’m US west, mostly playing evenings and weekends.

I can scan, run a mindlink for shield, armor, or skirmish, and have the skills to find something to work with most subcap doctrines. I can fly an orca for rolling and helping with logistics (I can also fit a mining mindlink if you guys are into that sort of thing). I have an alt that can sit cloaked on a hole, or scan down a chain in a cov-op. My PvP experience is mostly on other toons, I’ll be happy to give you names to look at KBs, but they’re pretty average.

I’m looking for a mellow group who likes to pvp in small/med gangs and make isk to re-ship. I’ll run sites, huff gas, or PI (or all three) depending on what your group does. If your home hole has a static into Kspace that is a big bonus for me. I like doing some market trading so the easier it is for me to fly to a trade hub 2 or 3 times a week to update orders the better.

Thanks for the look.

from what you’ve written, we may be a good fit for you. Come by our pub chat or feel free to get in touch with a recruiter.

Here is our blurb, No Vacancies c5>c5 WH pvp recruitment

best of luck in your search.

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