74 M SP (73,945,270) Skilled Miner JF Pilot and Still Training

(TexasWARlord) #1

I am for sale.
Accepting Bids (AUCTION) until April 26th
I am reserving the right to say YEA RIGHT and cancel on 4/26/2019

If you are not prepared to pay 75 Billion or more scroll on and do not waste my time or yours.

Located in Urlen (2 jumps from Jita) *1 Remap Available
In NPC Corp and ready to transfer at my cost to a serious buyer
All but NPC Standings 100% Positive sec status
No kill rights (Only 1 loss since 2006)
Positive wallet
4 Jump Clones. 2 with +3 and +4 Implants as well as 2 not implanted explorer Jump Clones
Super Clean Employment History

Besides a rock solid miner and refiner I sport excellent skills in Production, Leadership, Planetary Interaction, Scanning / Hacking and Archeology as well as Building (Production) and Trade Skills.

Solid Drone Skills as well as Ore, Jump Freighter Skills and Covert Ops Skills.

Ready for Capital Training and have lived comfortable (And profitably) in Null Sec.

Check out my stats at