[8.3.0 - version 36] GESI - Google Sheets ESI Add-On - Back in Business!

FWIW the data is cached on both Google’s and ESI’s end. You can add another argument after all the GESI arguments that points to a cell. Then when you change that cell it’ll break Google’s cache, resulting in new data to be fetched (assuming ESI’s cache has expired as well).

Im added IF in all formulas which using GESI fetched data, like this (=IF(characters!$C$1=TRUE;A14;A14))
and now im just wait GESI load the data and clicking on C1 so it changing from true to false and back, and then all data calculated. But 2-3 weeks ago all was working without this trick.
Im repeat - GESI works fine, it’s google issue, i think they just change some formula calculation wait time.

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@Blacksmoke16 sorry to randomly post on the thread but would you be available at some point to answer a few questions in private that I have regarding a google spreadsheet I made? I’m trying to expand upon my idea but I’m not sure how to do what it is I’m wanting to do. So yeah, can I pick your brain? I’ll mail you in game as well, but wanted to ask when you might be available for a chat. Thanks!

Sure, best bet would be to message me on Discord. Blacksmoke16#0016.