90ish Mil SP Vet looking for work in industry

Old veteran from 05 seeking employment.

Ideally would like to work in an industrial focused group, be it strait mining up to cap production.

Also, leaning more towards HS/LS/WH life as opposed to Null. I like null, but in the end I don’t have time to fight the next great war of eve. Ideally want something a little more laid back.

Things I have experience in:

Training Newbs- by far the thing I like to do in this game

Managing Corps/Departments - The other love-of-my-life in this game. I’ve been a “professional CEO” most of the time I’ve played. That said not really looking to rebuild from the ground up tonight so would prefer to let someone else take the lead on that.

Mining/Industry - Can do just about any of it

PVP - Can fly nearly anything you put in front of me. Also have experience as a Mid-level FC (10-25 ish man gangs). Willing to help with this as well but its not what I seek out to do.

Feel free to contact me in game. Just getting back into the swing of things and looking forward to finding some good co-pilots!

-Jobie Thickburger

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Whilst not an industrial corp, we have industrial opportunities for you and we require only a few hours of your time each week in return. If you would please join our public chat, The EDF Bar for a chat, I’d appreciate it and I think you will appreciate what we have to offer you.

Hey Jobie come by and chat with us sometime we might be a good fit for you…


I sent you a mail in game. Let me know if you see anything you’d like to know more about.

I hope to hear back,
Hideki Hakomairos

Hey bro,

Check out Imperium Legion. We are located in Tenerifis as part of the MWM collation. We have industry opportunities where we live. We also have a few newer players that look for advice and ways to make good income on the PVE side of EVE.

We are long time players that have been together for 4+ years. We do enjoy PVP and are SOV holders. So defense is necessary at times. We are not elitists or hardcore. We PVP, Mine, Rat, and explore. If you are looking for a fun place to learn, make isk, and chill without being yelled at, send me a mail in-game and we can chat on Team speak.

Hey Jobie you and I sound quite alike. I’ve come back after a long break and went to lowsec as while I love 0.0 I don’t have the time to commit to what 0.0 requires.

We here at Filthy Peasants are a lowsec pvp corp that also works in moon mining, heavy/t2 industry, drug manufacturing, and some of other more obscure areas of industry and exploration. We live in Lowsec Solitude and like to consider ourselves the kings of the region with our allies. If you like to work towards building something new while fighting the locals and establishing an empire come talk to Arctanis or join our public channel Open Filth

Hi Jobie, check out Krypted Lite.

It’ll be a good alternative so that you don’t have to deal with the headache of great wars. You’ll definitely want to be able to use Rorquals if you’re industry focused.

Hello @Jobie_Thickburger,

We are a WH Training Corp/Alliance who has a diverse player base that focuses on better game content. Please stop by, check out who and what we are …

Hope to see ya in space,

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Jobie o/

Not sure on your TZ? UK here, but anything from US East to UTC +2 is good for activity.

I’m going to try and get in touch with you in game, as a lot of what you say above is very similar to what we do, or will be doing. (Everyone says that, don’t they :slight_smile: )

Short version, we’re a High Sec Mining Corp, with all the usual trimmings - Buy back, Mining Boosts, BPO’s, Moon Mining (soon), etc. We will also be moving into other areas as we grow, certainly LS, maybe short excursions into WH’s, but probably not NS.

At this stage I’m looking for 2 types of player. Firstly, Corp members who just want to join and reap the rewards from being part of a growing and successful corp. Secondly, I wan’t players who want to be more involved, not necessarily running the corp, or even Directors (but option is there), but people who want to take more of an active role, helping run fleets, helping new players out, sharing advice and stories from years gone - and that’s where I think you would fit in.

Should also state, everything in corp is non-mandatory. It’s your time, so corp won’t be telling people how to spend it with required ops, CTA’s or any of that rubbish.

If you want, have a read of this or pop into our discord for a chat.

I think you will be a good fit for us
Check out our forum if you feel the same way

hi jobie
check out our post, we are a vet corp established since 2006

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