A Heartfelt "Thank You, CCP!" from Cloaky Campers Everywhere

We hope the No-Downtime experiment goes over well. If this works, we’ll be able to leave our campers in all of these systems permanently without having to go through the horrific struggle of logging them back in and cloaking up after each downtime.

This will make our lives so much easier, improve overall workflow, and benefit the quality of life for all of New Eden.

So here’s to you, CCP! Best of luck on this experiment and we hope you guys have a fantastic success! Thanks for making EVE Online such an enjoyable experience!


In before the RMT crowd starts crying us a river :crazy_face:


Those Home Alone cloaky alts in Molten Heath will be happy - there are at least 26 of them.

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Was another thread actually necessary? We already have a thread to discuss this:


Yeah, but that other thread is going to be too long to read.

Multiple short threads are definitely better!

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Should be worded

“we all done care about the rules and do what we want”. F anyone else.



Why do you care? All you do is scam newbies with your highsec corp, it’s not like nullsec PvP is relevant to you at all.


Looking forward to seeing how the no downtime goes.