Accelerated Impact Looking for more members

★ What we do as a corp:
★ Mining AND Industry.

★ Corp Location Amar Space
★ Operating in: Null Sec / Highsec / Lowsec

★ What we offer:
★ Ship Reimbursement Program (SRP)
★ Ore Buyback.
★ Moon mining.
★ Mining boosts.

★ Spoken language: English

★ Requirements:
★ NO minimum SP or Omega requirements
★ Aim to be self-sufficient on ISK making
★ Discord

───── ❝ Discord: ❞ ─────
Accelerated Impact

★ Public Channel: 0.A.I rec room

Corp still looking for active members

updated discord link recrutment still open

Bump still recruting members

Corp still recruiting

Corp still open for recrutment