Add ability to export Character / Skills to external file


EVEMon offered similar functionality, but since I can’t get that for Mac I was hoping it could be added here? To output to an XML or TXT file?

I liked being able to view all the skills I’d trained etc etc and have the ability to use that format to post on Forums. Or share my character’s progress with others who might want to see it.

Hope this can be developed.



If your goal is specifically sharing your skill info with others, check out EVE Skillboard, which allows you to share your character skill info with others (with or without a password for privacy).


Just further to EVE Skillboard, you can enable export to XML.

If you manage a character, there is a checkbox:


On the character page, you’ll then have an active link at the top:


That will download an xml of the character sheet (more than just the skills, but that is easy to extract from the xml).

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Thanks for the responses all. I haven’t used that site I’ll look into.

Was also trying to avoid 3rd Party apps if possible, but if that’s the only option (for now) I’ll give it a go.