Add Structure notifications to push feed

Ok, this is pretty simple, and honestly, it needs to happen. Any Structure notifications - all those messages from DED that are squirreled away in the Structures folder on the Communications tab in the Mail window in game - need to get pushed to the app. If my phone is giving me a notification when I get a mail or a skill is complete, then I should DEFINITELY get a notification when something I should make a priority to log in for, like, for example, my citadel being attacked, reinforced, and destroyed, occurs. It’s such an awesome feeling to log into the game on the weekend and see that 3 days ago one of my citadels got taken out because it was low power in a wormhole. Totally preventable, had I known that it was getting hit, but I wasn’t aware because I never saw the notification.


Hello! Thank you for contacting us and we have delivered your suggestion to the dev team. Fly safe. o7

This feature should have rolled out with citedals, pos messages used to get pushed,
I believe that 3rd party app eve nova can do this.
I almost lost a structure similar to that given RL is > eve until a ping goes out.
After paying for multiple characters for 10 years is a simple ping to much to ask in return! plucks a special hair to offer Bob his salt

So we are waiting for this feature for over 1 year now… What’s the holdup?