Additional Features I'd like to see

  1. Fitting Tool
  • Being able to see Personal and Corporation Fittings in the app
  • Be able to copy the fit to a clipboard for easy sharing on Mobile
  • A similar version of the in-game fitting tool
  1. Planetary Production Interface
  • Even just a simple “Hey, your Extractors will complete in 2 days and 4 hours” type of notification.
  1. Calendar
  • Any chance we’d be able to create an Event on the Calendar via the app?
  1. Item Database
  • A database of items sorted like the Market trees that can be used for quick and easy reference out of game
  • If we could tie that somehow to current Jita prices, that’d be great too
  1. Link to the Forums
  • A simple link to the forums that would open up our default browser

Really good suggestions here. We’re collecting everything that comes in. If you think of anything else please let us know. :+1:


I would like to see a fitting tool also.

Part of me would kinda like to see the PI done in the app in a similar way to in game, allowing for setting extractors, times and moving resources from PI.
Command centers and retrieval of goods would of course still need to be done in-game.

What I worry about however is it could damage the PI markets by doing that.


What Omnathious said. Turn PI into a mobile game, with planting command centers and retrieving goods still being inside the EVE client. That would be amazing.

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PI - Absolutely. Being able to see in real time when my extractor cycles are going to finish would be huge, especially since i prefer short cycle times over several day long ones. And if i could tell the extractor to restart without being able to modify the settings that would be amazing too.

Fitting tool - would be super useful for theory-crafting outside of the game, like when i’m on break at work and want to see how a fit looks on paper. but might require a lot of memory space ( who knows )

Calendar - useful idea, i never personally use it but support 100%

and Forum Link Forever


As others has mentioned, PI extractor head restarts and placement would be really cool along with the fitting tool.

I’d really like a structure browser, just a glimpse of what state the structure is in and if powered how much fuel remains.

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Simple fly interface. Fly between solar systems.
Jump from to. Autopilot. This is bomb idea :slight_smile: !!!
That open new era of EVE. :astonished:

I personally would not suggest having this kind of options. It would open up too many venues for botting or cheating. Performing actual in-game actions should only be performed by interacting with the client.

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Jump to Hi security system only.
No low, no nulsec.

No. Bad Idea. Please go make your own thread.

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Can you not do a push notification for mails that are already read in client? I’d rather not get a notification about a mail I read 15 minutes earlier.

Please go learn courtesy. All we in one boat.

Very nice suggestions , i would like to add a lot of features which neocom 2 provides on apple phones . Like

  1. character sheet details ,

  2. jump clones availability and details

  3. Wealth disection like what i own and what items cost what .

  4. Assets location

  5. Industry jobs notification and if possible completion to retrieve it

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Could You add a feature to buy PLEX, ISK, Skins, etc using Google Play / Apple Store credits?

I have some bucks to waste in my Google Account! $$$

You can create a separate app that include this feature for New Eden Store.


Maybe I’m missing something but it needs a Reply All on the email…

Another vote for the item database in an upcoming iteration, please.

Some development on asset, contract and market information, perhaps setting the scene for management of assets, contracts and orders, might be nice.

Yes, fitting tool would be awesome.

One other idea would be a NPC shipping service providing “just good enough” delivery of goods for mobile-device-bound players to engage with the game.

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Thank you for your feedback and we have delivered them to our dev team.

Should be mobile or desktop. Let pilot decide how they want to play.