Aftercare - UK - Sov Null

Best of Luck, We are a group of UK guys living in Stain, feel free to hit us up in the future if you have a change of plans.

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UK player looking for UK corp!

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We’re now moving to our new home in Vale. Our new neighbours are pretty cool, and we already have access to all the 0.0 stuff, reactions, manufacturing - there’s a lot of infrastructure for us to play with, and fleets going out all the time. That said, I absolutely will continue running corp activities - having found a home in 0.0, I now want us to become a strong EU force in the alliance.

We need good people to help us do it. Give me a shout, and make some new space-friends today!

We are still looking for people! Clothing: optional.

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There’s been some crazy fights down here already, join us today :slight_smile:

Lengthy corp history? Looking for love in all the wrong places? Give us a shout!

We’ve had a couple of great pilots join in the past few days - things are going well. Join us today!

Make things explode, grind up some ISK to buy more stuff! Escalations, mining, corp roams, alliance/coalition ops!*

** DISCLAIMER: May contain structure bashes, caution is advised.*

Awesome corp great bunch of guys …

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Come on in guys lots of pew lots of isk making lots of fun

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We are slowly but steadily growing. Join us!

We’re regularly going out on corp roams now, and need more numbers to take on fights. Get in touch today, and find out how you can get involved (blow stuff up).

Still looking for people to join for filament madness and money-making :slight_smile:

We are still looking for people to join us… in spaaaace…

Pilots wanted for small gang fleets and big gang fleets.

We are growing slowly but steadily. Come join us!

great corp come join… things are moving on fast…

Recruitment is still open come join us make isk and shoot stuff

Still looking for new pilots! Come join us :slight_smile:

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