Agartha Forgeries - Nullsov AU/EU/US indy-with-teeth corporation - GET THE DOGS!

Agartha Forgeries is an AU/EU/US indy-with-teeth corporation that is currently looking for more pilots to grow our INDY and PVP wings.

Where: Null Sec Sov

What we can offer (the bare minimum)

  • Bountiful coalition ops and fleets, if big fleets is your play style

  • Corporation small gang roams, baits, traps, blops, ESS ■■■■■■■ ect

  • Access to several moons r4 to r64 (r64 and r32 moons are tax free!)

  • ICE!!

  • Null ratting PVE

  • Nullsec Gas

  • Relic/Data

  • Buybacks (that feed into corp projects)

  • Angel Missions

  • Multi-billion build projects members have the option of getting themselves involved in the building process and gives them a proportionate slice of the payout

  • 100% SRP

What are we looking for

Do you have an ass? You got a seat? You got a computer with eve installed? You got a love for hanging out on coms? You got a ■■■■■■ up sense of humor?

If you answer no to any of the above ■■■■ off… kidding… or am I

We want pilots that are willing to explore their opportunities, We want pilots that are willing to say “■■■■ it, why not”.

You want to learn to FC? you got it!

You want to munch on rocks? ■■■■ yeah go for it.

You wanna rat till our ESSes become bait for a gatecamp? ■■■■ yeah give it a shot

You want to drop 20 ventures to ref a structure? too late we already did it.

Just come down, do your thing, join our ops, and just have some fun! Agartha Forgeries

Recruitment is open!

Recruitment Open!

Recruitment Open!

Recruitment Open!


Bump! Recruiting!

Bump! Still Recruiting!

Recruiting determination!

Bump! We got some build projects going, come be apart of them!


Recruiting for some more build jobs!

Still Recruiting!

Recruiting going strong!