All games end in the same way since floppy discs and dos prompts

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Use any excuse you like and continue the coarse until nothing is left but multiboxers and pve. Congrats CCP on failure.

And cry babies… :roll_eyes:


What is this “I’m 14 and this is deep” reductionist crap, lmao?


If a catalyst ganks a miner in the woods, and nobody is there to hear it, does it make tears?


Yes, because he goes on to post on the forums so that everyone knows about it and sees the tears.


Reductionism is not crap. It is required in this forum when trying to explain anything more complex than “Uh…me shoot ship?” to most of you people.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I liked the title, and when I came in the post was censored.

Damn it prob was good stuff. I remember floppy, 14 disks minimum to install a game and lots of work to free basic memory. Good times… NOT!

Oh shut up, you are one of the biggest $/*@ in this game.

Spot the alt of the person I have a killmail for.

You are a whiny little &$£^, calls others cry babies but he’s the first to whine.

He’s one of the worst eve players this game has seen, he likely is the worst poster Eve-O has seen.

It wasn’t. By the way, do you not see the text allowing you to see the flagged post (“view ignored content”)?

No P2W

And you’re whining about a person whining about whining. And I’m whining about a person who is whining about a person who is whining about a whiner.

omg, the forums are a russian matryoshka doll of whiners.

Anyway, think I’m going to mosey on out this thread. You guys have fun.
No P2W


I wish the forums didn’t exist. It is nothing but whiners.

/whine about forum full of whiners.

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Eve Online is old. It needs to rest in peace. The Future are in the echoes of space…

Nobody will hear me selling him a new mining ship.


Well I just wanted to vent somewhere and say that during this “illustrious” celebration of minmatar, I shall biomass and liberate myself from being a bloody minmatar… farewell.

Can I have your corpse? I hear that on April first I can make it into fertilizer.

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