Alpha Clone looking to learn the ropes(Found a corp)

I currently own a Venture , Badger, Tayra. I am new to eve a Day old been mining and transporting my ore.
Was wondering if there was any corps willing to take me in as a miner or a Hauler either or.

Alpha Clone( For awhile)

hoping to try to make enough isk to buy plex
for omega

Edit: Found a corp


greetings mate, we can help you very much. we are a hisec social corp(no wardecs) that aims to help new players into mining and and industry… heres our recruitment: NAABAL INDUSTRIES RECRUITING


If you want to give WHs a try, ECHO is recruiting

We’re mostly UStz with a few AU and Euros mixed in. Lemme know if you’re interested, the ingame channel is “Echo Vision”.

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