An Actually Pragmatic look at Slavery in Eve

Earlier today, I posted in the Intergalactic Summit forum about some pragmatic reasons why slavery should end in the Khanid Kingdom. This was done partially out of wanting to try out roleplaying, but partially because I want to seriously raise the idea while showing that it fits in game lore.

The fact is, slavery should be gotten rid of by means of in-game lore.

The (real) world is changing recently, and everything and anything under the sun can come under scrutiny for racism, from Dr. Seuss to football mascots.

I play Eve to relax and unwind, and I do not want the game I play to relax to become the center of a mainstream controversy. And that is entirely possible. I see while reading people’s bio’s while traveling throughout Amarr, some roleplaying (?) that is dangerously close to actual racism. While some of these people may be innocently wanting to roleplay the villain, some seem to be roleplaying something else.

Imagine this, CCP starts up some massive faction warfare event, and in it the Amarrians of Eve rally and beat the Minmatar and as a prize get one of their regions. How would that look when some regular non-game reporter writes it up? A bunch of guys are roleplaying being slave-owning imperialists and genociding black people? Space Nazism? And what would CCP do? Most likely, in a knee jerk reaction, they would get rid of the Amarr.

But I like Amarr. I think their ships are the best looking by far. I love the golden background of their space, and the stations, especially the Khanid ones, are the best looking in the game by a mile. And, if given a choice in a video game, I will always join an empire/kingdom instead of a republic.

CCP, please act proactively on this subject. I have given multiple reasons lore-wise why this works out. You yourselves have given reasons in that the Amarr are changing after facing multiple defeats. Real life, even in the modern world, has shown that Kingdoms, and even religious kingdoms, are capable of social reform. And frankly, having human slaves in a technological era in which you have robots and AI is just nonsensical to begin with. You can program robots to do work constantly, you don’t have to watch them, they don’t get tired, and they won’t want to kill you.

Then the people who like Amarr can continue to play as them, and roleplay as them, without the same level of social awkwardness. And, if there are some upset people who miss slavery, and if you even care what such people think, they can go try to carve out a piece of null-sec and claim it is the true Amarr or something.

As a Princess of Khanid, I can officially confirm that slavery will not be ending.

The slaves are very happy to be owned by me.


Us Minmatar need a reason to hate the Amarr. If they got rid of the slaves then we would be forced to be friends. There is no need to fight for freedom if you are free. The republic would collapse without a common enemy and our ships would sit so long the rust would finally make it through the hull.

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It would look the same as when that “regular non-game reporter” writes about the people on the Confederate side in an American Civil War reenactment in an effort to get them fired from their jobs because obviously someone pretending to be the “bad guy” in historical role-play has to believe in those things personally, otherwise why would they do it? Good people would obviously only choose the Union side!

In short: stop legitimizing cancel culture by feeding the extremist SJW agenda with concessions like this.




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