Android APK

Is it possible to download the APK package for the Eve Portal to install on Android devices that have no Google play store? I wish to sideload the app.

Well, I found the APK on a couple of websites (google search for “Eve Portal APK”), but I have no idea if they are trustworthy or not. I also found a chrome extension that will allow you download APK’s directly from the google play store (you’d navigate to the store through chrome).

I don’t want to use third party sites for APK’s

There is no accompanying PGP signature to verify it against.

CCP can add it to their download page easily

There is no “download” option on the Google Play website, I don’t even want to go near Google, I do not run Google Play, I also do not run Google Chrome browser.

CCP, please link the Eve Portal Android App APK and PGP sign it on your download page.

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Most of ppl would brand you paranoid person back in years, but in 2021 you look like rarely adequate mate. Yes, CCP should do this, need to make apk downloadable from their server, and longer ticket timeout limit, and make login without mail confirmation for j2core too(due to impossibility of swap between apps without reconnect)!

“We told you so” back in the 2000’s and we were labelled paranoid and quacks. You’re not laughing now are ya :slight_smile:

Many are scrambling for the de-clouding and “personal” solutions now :slight_smile:

Google Play is the largest vehicle for malware and acquire/bait and switch to abuse auto updating too.

Good thing now it’s possible to use it without gmail, on older Android it’s impossible without a reflash. That was to stave off antitrust no doubt.

Until I get an official signed APK I can sideload, I have removed the Eve Portal from my devices. If I cannot side load, I don’t use the apps.

Hello! Currently, there are no corresponding APK files available for download on the official website. The only channels available for downloading are Google Play or App Store. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.