Any tutorials on how to change skills yet?

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Hey devs, how about you install a dozen speed bumps on your own driveway while you’re at it

or are you just sadistic and not masochistic ? none of you actually play this game, do you

“hey remember how we added that little button that let you hide the portrait and reduce the clutter on this already ultra-crowded UI? we gonna delete that, expand the portrait to a quarter of your screen, and make it mandatory to view it in order to access absolutely anything character related… enjoy!”

can we fire the sadists?

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why does the little hide button now hide all of the useful information, leaving only the character portrait?

Hey, i think one of your staff has dyslexia.

that button should clearly be hiding the useless ■■■■■■■ portrait so that i can access my skills.

Why do we need additional portrait viewers?

i know ccp likes to ■■■■ up its game but come on. this is just malicious.

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can we at least expand ultra-potato mode to include removing all of this useless UI junk?

Just to clarify, angst about the portrait aside, are you actually not able to figure out your skill selection?

Yeah, they seem to have moved the skills to a seperate window, to increase UI clutter.

And then they’ve changed the display of those skills to take up more space, to increase UI clutter

and then they’ve made a giant UI area for “certified plans” that only months old characters will ever use, increasing UI clutter

and then the bloated “skill catalogue” is now 3x bigger, increasing UI clutter

and they now display less information. I have no idea how long any of this stuff takes to train until i add it to the skill queue or pull out a calculator.

Oh and then the “training time” UI is so big and cluttered its overlapping some of the skill training buttons that have trippled in size.

Honestly. who the hell did this? Its like, “hey honey, the faucet is leaking, let me get the sledge hammer and relocate the faucet on the other side of the room” like what the ■■■■? just let the faucet drip. What you’ve done is so much worse.

look, the faucet dripping is only going to add up to a few thousand dollars a year. But when you take that sledge hammer and seperate the faucet from the water mains, we now have to pay hundreds of dollars a day for the gallons of water that is now flooding our basement. Can you please not do this?

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like seriously is this april fools or something?

is microsoft in on the joke and changed my clock to September 14th instead of April 1st?

what the ■■■■ is going on here

literally what the hell was the point of this ui change?

can anyone give me any clues as to what they were trying to achieve here?

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im ■■■■■■■ shocked at how absurd this change is. How does a 20+ year old game development team ■■■■ up this badly and be so proud of it too

like what the hell

did someone fart in the break room and as punishment you told them to go design an entirely new skill UI?

what was the goal of this change?


I thought they said it was going to be easier for us to help new players with skill training. WTF was the dipstick that came up with this idea for the new skill training window smoking, so we know what to stay away from. When your old players don’t understand it; how are we supposed to help the nubs outs. This is utter cancer and needs to be ninja patched out.

Why would you change the skills training section when you made it supper simple to get the skills needed; with the buy anywhere and inject skill training from the skill training or skills needed window of skills required for say a Black Ops BS.

So many things could have been fixed rather than adding a new unpleasant aspect to the game, that going to be buggy as everything else that needs fixed, like finding a way to eliminate time dilation, or fixing cloaking MWD so it doesn’t work on non-industrial ships, that would have been a better use of the staff you had working on this cancer.

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like wtf

why do i need these GIANT skill category buttons, but then a TINY LITTLE ITTY BITTY area to view the huge list of skills in that category?

How does this make any logical sense at all? Why are you making all the useless parts HUGE and all the important parts SMALL?
Is this some sort of sexual projection on the part of the developers?


if i was a newbie looking at these messy windows of ??? i’d probably be running lvl1 missions for a week not training anything

i’d probably just assume my character is training things as im playing the game

but this horrible cluttered werid unusuable UI is just going to be avoided by everyone just like i avoid all the wallet and market windows now

Remember when there used to just be the 1 wallet and 1 market button? now we have like 2 or 3 windows for the market and the wallet is broken into giant chunky UI that makes no sense

i cant wait to see how badly they destroy the manufacturing UI next. They want scarcity right? They can just do this to the manufacturing UI and nobody will want to build anything. Scarcity.

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