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Previously tried the other standing service, TSCA, but gave up after weeks of waiting.
Very satisfied with the Lotek Network’s services, standings went up quickly with many mission runners available to grind.

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Just used these guy for a 0-7 service.

Really well organised and friendly service. Standing finished in about a week.

Highly recommended!!

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Hello, just a quick clarification question: does you service cover FACTION standing or just CORP?
Because I’m gonna need faction standing improvement.
Thank you!

Found this forum post a few days ago and found it very intresting. Joined their discord server and quickly got approached by very friendly staff who answered all my questions which led me to sign up for the service. i paid the fee for the service i selected and instantly got assigned to my own channel from where i could communicate with boosters. and half way through the order i can say im 100% satisfied. boosters are very happy to chat and answer any questions you might have while they work for you and there is almost always someone on duty to pick up where the last one left off.

10/10 service. Already planning on ordering more!

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Legit service, you get what you pay for. If you want your standings up and don’t wanna do it yourself, this is the place you need to be. Only point of attention, it could take a little while for the grinders to party up with you. In my case sometimes a few days, but I think they were working on it an towards the end it went faster and faster.

Would definitely recommend to others!

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Very happy with standings boost services provided by the Lotek corp team - thank you.

I wanted help to get past the level 1 to 3 mission standings requirements for a relatively obscure Amarr corp and the team came through. Once setup on Discord communications and status updates were fantastic and I really felt involved and in control.

Thanks to Archer en Tilavine and the team.

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Thanks to Lotek for helping me when I was too lazy to do it myself! Archer is great at customer service and I enjoyed talking with him while I waited for my standings to rise.

If you’re equally as lazy as me when it comes to pve, I recommend these guys!

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For the social skill is it the level of the mission owner that influences standings gain for everybody or is it the individual social skill level that applies? I’m partly curious about the mechanics, partly looking to see if there’s scope for haggling if a character has it trained.

Hi @Basil_Vulpine! Only the Social skill of the mission owners (ie. our runners) matters, but their Social skill and rate of completion has no impact on pricing. (If requested, the pricing of rush jobs is also not affected by Social skill levels.) This is particularly important since you may be serviced by multiple runners of varying Social skills and mission completion speeds - none of this has any impact on what you pay.

You might find this portion of the FAQ above relevant:

And yes, we’re always willing to haggle :wink:

Ah. The FAQ hidden behind the little arrow. I was surprised there wasn’t one, I guess I should’ve taken more time to read. Thanks.

Very good service.
Fast processing.
I can only recommend :slight_smile:

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Very fast and Efficient Grinders. Only took about 4 hours total to grind A 1.0 standing to 5. They are very organized and tell you how to set up your advert in case of AFK. I did this with 3 other Corp mates and They were willing to give us a small discount Corp wide. It was def worth as all i had to do is set up an advert and set their corp to good standing then they could join me. I went off and did some volunteer work with the wife and came back to ‘Job complete’. Archer proceeded to ask if the job was to my liking and if I required anything else.

10/10 Would recomend. Quick and fast.

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These guys are awesome. If you’re anything like me and cannot stand the thought of grinding standing, you are in the right place.

10/10 I know for a fact I will use them again

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Fast and professional. Raised standings for myself and 3 corp mates so we could play in FW.

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Awesome fast services! Thank you!

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Great service, super convenient and easy to use.
Will definitely be using this again to get access to more epic arcs!

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Excellent service and very fast! I recommend them, they are very responsible and are in constant communication with their customers. Thank you for all the guidance and your services!

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Used these guys to bump up three corporation standings for access to Epic Arcs with Gallente, Minmatar and Amarr.

Extremely friendly people and very efficient at what they do.

Whilst it may seem expensive at first you’ll realise that in the end it is worth it as your time investment otherwise can be quite high.

Whilst doing my own thing i accidently ended up grinding my own Brutor tribe standings and the boss refunded me what i had paid for that service so they are in no way a scam or only out for your isk.

I’d happily use them again for alts or other corporation standings.

Very happy :slight_smile:


The Lotek Corporation Standings Improvement Service [LCSIS] has merged with The Standings Corrections Agency [TSCA] to form the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA]!

All services will hence forth be handled by USIA (which is operationally a carbon-copy of LCSIS). USIA Service details can be found on the new USIA Website and on thew new USIA EVE Forums Advertisement.

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