Are forums not as popular anymore?

The first time I contributed to any forum (I do not consider Yahoo Answers as a forum), was in 2013. From what I have seen people post on forums, especially in general discussion category, are people complaining about how social media is killing forums on the web. However, I do not agree with this as I do not see how social media has anything to do with forums on the web. If anyone knows how they relate, can they please post how they relate, as I am very curious.

It says post withdrawn from author. What does that mean. I’m new to this forum. I never saw a forum where people can remove their own posts. Every forum that I went to, users can edit their own posts, or not, but I’ve never seen one where users can remove their own posts.

You get more bank for the buck as the saying goes by posting things on social media than in a game forum. Some other large unspoken Mmos have the issue where they respond to complaints on reddit or other sites but not from their own forums nearly as often as they should. Its basically free PR in a sense to use social media to communicate with the player base.

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I see some similarities. Mainly that social media is for general shitposting, and this is official shitposting space for everything EVE. :wink:


Then wouldn’t the MMOs be wasting money by having to maintain a forum, when they mostly look and respond to posts or complaints, relating to their games, on other websites. What is the us of having a forum on that game developers website in the first place then?

You have absolute control over your own forum. So there you discuss things that may be… interesting to talk about.

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