Astrotech looking for Pilots!

Astrotech Syndicate is now recruiting PvP-minded pilots and pilots looking to learn PvP, for our small, tight-knit, dysfunctional yet blood-thirsty Null Sec corporation.

Can you play well with others? Can you drink like an Irishman with a full wallet at the pub? Do you want to help contribute to a greater vision and cause?? Do you have the desire to enjoy shenanigans with good friends on your fleets? Then you could become the next best addition to our unconventional family.

Astrotech’s focus has always been on quality rather than quantity, we are selective with our recruitment because our community and our vision matter more than the number of people that we have. If you are looking for a special place in Eve where you can feel as though you are in the company of friends and actually have fun flying around shooting people or making isk, then we might be the right fit for you.

Astrotech Syndicate offers our members:

  • NewBro Friendly for those that want to make the NullSec jump (We can train you, ya just have to have the right attitude)

  • Corporate, Alliance, and Coalition PVP, ranging from small gang roams and BLOPS to massive capital fleets. We have it all!

  • Community of normal (ish), sane (?), fun people (confirmed), who are occasionally sober (truth)

  • Experienced senior leadership with combined total of close to 1 billion skill points that can help guide new and old players alike in any specialty eve offers, if you need help, we have someone

  • Shenanigans of all sorts (hosted by one of our several fun-oriented FC’s)

  • Training opportunities for newer pilots

  • Reward program for dedicated, contributing members

  • We are an ideal corporation for aspiring and experienced PVPers and industrialists who are looking to get space rich and turn their killboards green.

  • 0.0 group Mining/Ratting with multiple system upgrades.

  • Current presence in EU and USTZ’s

Our Requirements

  • PVP ops
  • A willingness to help fulfill the corporate vision and activities
  • Minimum 5 million SP (possibly less for the right pilot)
  • Full background ESI check
  • Willingness to learn and participate and just have fun

If we sound like the right fit for you, join us in our Discord

– Recruitment currently closed –


I’ve been a member for almost 2 years now, and I love every bit of it! We have grown many players with 0 experience in pvp, and also taught many experienced ones how to enjoy the game again. Come chat with us on discord to find out for yourself!

Several our members are planning a great trip to Eve Vegas this year, and we are very excited to have fun together! Come visit on Discord to hear more about our shenanigans, or how to meet us in Vegas!

We are still looking for new folks to join us! Stop by and chat with us!

heh, I now Fly with these guys. fun group, great knowledge. they are teaching me alot and are always newbro friendly.

Still looking for new pilots, be it NewBros that want to try out Null or Bitter vets returning. stop by and talk with us!

Astrotech is trucking along this month. 300 kills so far, for 164bil isk, 97% efficiency.
We’re recruiting PvP’ers, new and experienced, with good attitudes and a healthy bloodlust.

Whiskey Wednesday fleet is up for tonight. Come chat to find out what shenanigans develop on this one!

Astrotech Syndicate the cure for the common kill board.

I used to only shoot rocks, but with the help of the dedicated leadership of Astrotech Syndicate now I shoot pandas! Thanks Astrotech Syndicate!

Shameless bump, I 've been flying with these guys for over a year and I love it.

Of course you love it! Good fights, good PvE, good mining and great people :slight_smile:

And there is room for more pilots, so come over and chat with us.

But mostly the good fights…

Good fights with good friends, pretty much every night. Including this one yesterday

THAT would have been a heck of a fight, sorry i missed it :stuck_out_tongue: more to come I’m sure, And for those that are looking for a new home… come chat with us we are friendly to those that have not been in null before as well as those that are bitter vets :slight_smile:

still looking for a few more folks! stop by and chat with us!

And another bump for good measure.

interested in shooting stuff? come talk to us :slight_smile:

Saturday night fleet was a great success as usual, great times and lots of kills were had. Come visit to find out more!

Going for a fleet to destroy things out of our jurisdiction today. Looking forward to having some fun with friends!

Our crazier members are back from Vegas and ready to misbehave…who wants to tag along?