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After Holiday ( SCREW THE PATS ) Bump - Added WTB Caedes

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added fiend malice victor tiamat etana and 2nd moracha

Hello, if you could do a little reduction, i have 115B fresh isk for your virtuoso.

Could pay immediatly.


friendly bump

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Victor and Malice are sold, mails responded to - Bump of sadness for our video game

Are the Morachas 650 each?

Nm, see the ea now. Ty

messaged in game.

ill take a hydra if you contract it to me ASAP! 130b

contract will be up tomorrow for 24 hours - responded in game aswell to mails

found one somewhere else for 124b sorry

bump - last virt sold

Bump. Added WTT and virt/tiamat/chameleon for sale

1 cham sold, tiamat pending

great prices ppl

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Hydra sold

135b for the Virtuoso?

420 for racha

Fiend + 150b for the Moracha.

Ty for friendly Bumps, Prices are rock solid tho as no one else is selling, and may not often again