So I am just wondering if we are actually planning to have the AT this year. I know Logibro had a huge part in organizing the AT and the Thunderdome server. At this point for me and many others this is what I still play the game for so knowing sooner rather than later would be great.

You mean next year?

AT XV was this year.

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How about if CCP doesn’t organize it, players just organize it themselves?

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All we would see is Capitals then

There was this player-organized tournament called Anger Games. It got canceled because Thunderdome support vanished along with CCP Logibro’s job.


Yeah, I heard about it. It blows.

Last year the feeder rounds were held in June, so I’d expect if there is no news until March, AT will not happen.

Information didn’t come out until May last year, so March might be a bit ambitious. Information has never really been released before FanFest in the past and I suspect everything in the lead up to April is FanFest focused.

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That makes sense, thanks for pointing it out.

Yah, March would be shockingly early. But I am hearing some chatter indicative of AT XVI happening. No idea exactly when.

Yeah I would like to know pretty soon if we are going to have an ATXVI. My guys are wanting to know, this content was massively fun for many people in our group. The practices and preparation, the scrimmages. To be fair CCP needs to really only have Thunderdome prepared. Add the entire alliance of competitors to the allowed list as was being discussed last season. That is most of the micro managing of the AT season. EVEnT did a fabulous job of hosting the tournament last year. I for one hope we have an answer soon to this as SLYCE is looking to start preparing soon and was really looking forward to getting into the TEST open scrimmages in the near future.

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