👾 Aurora Dynamics [EU/US] Looking for Players!

Welcome to the Aurora Dynamics recruitment page!

We are a Null-sec based Corporation in Reckless Contingency.

We are looking for people from all the different branches of eve online. Who are willing to get involved in Null Sec and are open to its many opportunities.

To join you must have a character with a minimum of 5 Million skill points and be in Omega status (open for negotiation on a case-by-case basis) – You must also be willing to get involved in Alliance and Coalition level activities.

What can we offer to players joining Aurora Dynamics?

  1. Regular PvP Content – We run alliance as well as coalition level Ops on a regular basis and are looking into getting involved with more regular Smaller Gang based combat – there is also an opportunity for people who want to get involved in FC’ing!

  2. Null-sec mining - Ice Belts, Ore Anomaly’s, Regular Belts and Moons as well as fully rigged reprocessing facility’s

  3. Null-sec Ratting - Free Reign to rat and a low corp tax rate.

  4. Manufacturing, research, and reactions - Our home system has everything you need in place to build anything in the game. We have dedicated Research, invention and Copying stations, Subcaps manufacturing station, Capital Manufacturing station and a reaction station. With rigs for all the above.

  5. Regular Jump Freighter Service - If you ever need anything moved feel free to ask, we are happy to help or can easily point you out to other options

  6. Easy Market access - Our home system is close to two null sec trade hubs and we have regular access to Jita via the Jump Freighter Service

  7. Ore Buyback Program - No need to worry about shipping your Ore back to highsec to sell, the corp offers an inhouse buyback program at a competitive rate

  8. Alliance Run SRP and much much more.

What Aurora Dynamics expects from you as a member?

We do not have many demands or restriction, but we do expect that as a member you take part in corp / alliance / coalition level activities. You do not have to attend every ping or CTA, but we expect a certain level of attendance. We do not have a mandatory Pap amount, but we do expect that you take part in helping when needed.

You will also need to be fully ESI compliant.

Please join our public in game Channel “Aurora Dynamics Public” to get in direct contact with us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send an in-game mail and we will help you answer any questions you might have.

Hope to fly with you soon!

Recruitment is still ongoing ( no surprises there the post is only 1 day old)

Come have a chat with us I promise we don’t bite

Recruitments still Open!

Buperoonie - Recruitments still open! Come chat with us today!

Bump it up!!! US AND EU TIMEZONE, great group of people, helpful, fun, relaxed, do what you want to do with your eve playtime!

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Recruitment Bump! Still looking for members

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Bump - Recruitments still open

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Bumperoonie recruiting still ongoing