Authorization tokens expired

This is leading me to uninstall the app, because it’s just too annoying. Why are you expiring the tokens? It’s not necessary.

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Hello! Thank you for contacting us. Our dev team is aware of the issue and will have it fixed as soon as possible. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Fly safe! o7

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How soon is “soon”? I’ve stopped using your app because it didn’t get any updates (Updated December 6, 2019) nor fixes.

is there some place to watch or a way to be alerted when this fix occurs?

March 7. So… Application cant hold connection while I browse mailbox with athorizing mail. How can we solve it today locally? Have few accounts to check. May be I can give some info from my phone, MACadress or IMEI (if it’s legal action this time), or something else, to make login system recognize me like legal user of any accounts with filled username and password?

This problem is not new and honestly i don’t understand where the problem is. creating a loop/background task to trigger the token renewal process for all chars every week or so should be not to complicated.
since function for token renewal is already there only the trigger is missing.
so when can we expect a fix?

Or at least recognize that re-adding a character who’s token has expired is the same character, and keep the settings from the last time the character was added? Each time the token expires and I need to re-add them, I need to go and turn off all the push notifications again for each one. If this is difficult or impossible, then I’d like to bump the Feature Request - Global Notifications Settings Management cus that would also alleviate this issue.