:fastparrot: Autism Cartel :fastparrot: LF Pirates for Small Gang and Large Scale PvP - US/EU/AU TZ


(Junkie Cosmonaut) #6

New War Decs going out tomorrow. Over 5200 new war targets just in time for the weekend! Come and join in on the action!

(Melfwi Grand) #7

All you guys looking to blow people up, we’re your group. Just get dumped out of political null-sec corps, come lick your wounds and use other player’s tears for the salve to get yourself back into top line content.

(Adnot Rexx) #8

If you enjoy drinking delicious Carebear tears, this is a good group. JOIN NOW!

(Bobo Bigtop) #9

Run away and join the circus with us!

New(ish) BRO Looking for Corp - 3 toons in all
(Bobo Bigtop) #10

Wars just got started, come and join for content.

(Junkie Cosmonaut) #11


30m SP, super rusty player LF Small Gang PvP
Looking to play....again
9.9 mil SP looking for a corp
(Junkie Cosmonaut) #12

Added a few more pilots. Couple apps in progress as well. Come and join in for some good times and explosions.

(Junkie Cosmonaut) #13

Come and sign up for fun tonight on International Talk Like a Pirate Day! I foresee 'splosions and many YARRS!!! in Local Tonight!

Added more quality pilots!

The time is now to get in on the ground floor!

28mill pilot looking to relearn the game -- PVP/IND
(Bobo Bigtop) #14

Last Night was a blast! Faction fitted Orca kill, than went onto BLOPS some fools in Provi. YARRRR!!!

(Junkie Cosmonaut) #15

Back to the top!

…the bobo bigtop?

(Vanamoinen) #16

Is the combat mostly happening in hisec or lowsec?

It ain’t easy being -10…

(Bobo Bigtop) #17

ATM I’d say 40% in HS, 30% in LS, 30% in Null.

We do having a lowsec staging area as we do have a couple members with blinky red sec status :slight_smile:

I do forsee though in the near future LS being our primary stomping grounds as that is most definitely the plan.

(Junkie Cosmonaut) #18

New Killboard Looks Sweet!

(Vanamoinen) #19

Interested. Got a Pub channel?

(I got a little one on the spectrum, so the name makes me chuckle)

(Doctor Blowfin) #20

Join the autism train today, im day 1 in and already great laughs :slight_smile:

(Richard Annages) #21

Hey I’m a Recruiter for the cartel feel free to shoot me an eve mail or join our new in game pub ch: Autism Cartel Pub

(Both of my brothers are on the spectrum and yes the name is funny to me to)

(Bobo Bigtop) #22

Back up to the top!

32 kills so far just today alone! Get in on some rich PvP content with a solid rewards program!

(Junkie Cosmonaut) #23

Back to the top. We just hit the 10 member mark!

What a great weekend, full of good times and kills. If you good a good grip on the game and decent handful of SP and love to pvp, come check us out!

(Junkie Cosmonaut) #24


(Junkie Cosmonaut) #25

Looking for more quality PvPers