:fastparrot: Autism Cartel :fastparrot: LF Pirates for Small Gang and Large Scale PvP - US/EU/AU TZ


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Back up to the top!

32 kills so far just today alone! Get in on some rich PvP content with a solid rewards program!

(Junkie Cosmonaut) #23

Back to the top. We just hit the 10 member mark!

What a great weekend, full of good times and kills. If you good a good grip on the game and decent handful of SP and love to pvp, come check us out!

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Looking for more quality PvPers

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New(ish) player looking for small gang / pirate corp
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100mil Returning Player
95.6 mil SP returner
Looking for a corp, low sec or wh space
113m SP vet LF lowsec corp
61m SP Returning player
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Seeking individuals that require tears to fuel their ships.

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666 Views… nice.

(Junkie Cosmonaut) #34

Looking for more old fart, bitter vets to join in on some content with us.

(Sly DeathWalker) #35

So I’m interested…do you guys operate in space other than HS as well?

(Sly DeathWalker) #36

Def a old fart bitter vet who lives on tears of the weak here. And I’m hungry and looking for something good enough to resub for…

(Junkie Cosmonaut) #37

We will be moving to LowSec within the week. We will be staging in LS and ops run in HS/LS. Also, BLOPS run from HS to Null. If you’re interested please send me an ingame mail with your Full Account API w/ No Expiry and I will reach out to you shortly after.

(Doctor Blowfin) #38

CEO just got us 8 fresh wardecs, lots of content to be had for both US and EU timezones, we may be a small corp but we are steadily growing and very active. If you enjoy space boat violence and want a sound group of peeps to.play with look no further!!! Join the autism train today :slight_smile:

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To the top, the only way is up

(Junkie Cosmonaut) #41

Rob people, get rich.

70M SP Character needs new home in HIGH/LOW SEC, North America ONLY!
CLOSED --- Never Found A Home - 40 mil