:fastparrot: Autism Cartel :fastparrot: LF Pirates for Small Gang and Large Scale PvP - US/EU/AU TZ


(Doctor Blowfin) #48

Join us today!

(The Dodge) #49

(Doctor Blowfin) #50

Small gang PvP at its finest, we got your back bro.

(Junkie Cosmonaut) #51

429 Ships killed (92.29B ISK) 108 Ships lost (12.06B ISK)
88.44% Efficiency (ISK)

202 Ships killed (18.62B ISK) 35 Ships lost (2.07B ISK)
90% Efficiency (ISK)

(Junkie Cosmonaut) #52

Looking for more professional killers!
(or meatshields) :japanese_ogre:

(Junkie Cosmonaut) #53

Come and fly with an experienced PvP crew and enjoy the spoils of low sec! Welcome to the new meta!

25m SP USTZ EST Player Looking for 0.0/LS Corp
Looking for hi-sec PVP corp
2x 110m sp chars looking for pvp home
(Junkie Cosmonaut) #54

Collect corpses in space with us!

(Junkie Cosmonaut) #56

Enjoy Space Boat Violence? Yeah, we do too.


4.6m sp newcomer, Looking for small gang FW / pirate
I'm Looking for a CORP
51M combat pilot LF fun & deadly corp
New player looking for a corp
(Junkie Cosmonaut) #57

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(Junkie Cosmonaut) #58

Popping Cherries…

10 year old toon that never had a single loss mail. We gave him two in a single minute.

(Junkie Cosmonaut) #59

Need more people that dont mind filling their ship’s belly with loot

(Richard Annages) #60

There is no such thing as to many nerds…

(Doctor Blowfin) #61

More Nerds…

(Doctor Blowfin) #62

Corpmate ransomed an orca in lowsec last night after killing his dual griffin escort, nice 1.5 bil in his pocket. Nice one Kara!! By the way Autism Cartel honours all duals and ransoms

(Doctor Blowfin) #63

Besides passing time listening to techno music, and admiring the biggest gapes. I can often be found gatecamping in a procurer.

If you want to do Win stuff like this and much more hit up one of our recruiters.

(Doctor Blowfin) #64


(Doctor Blowfin) #65

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(Junkie Cosmonaut) #66

Come get classy with us.

(Sic Semper Timidis) #67

Not a half bad group of guys, although their USTZ could use some help =P.

(Richard Annages) #68

I require more nerds Sign up today :smiley: