[AUTZ] Black Lancers - Low-sec PVP

Who are we?

Just a bunch of nerds living in the Amarr-Minmatar warzone - we are currently pirates but used to be part of Amarr Militia. Salt mining is our specialty. Our corp aims to build a solid AUTZ presence in the area. Really not much to it.

Our philosophy is quite simple EVE is just a game and we expect nothing from our members other than to be keen to learn/engage in PvP be chill and get involved with the corp and our alliance. Check out our killboard to see the kind of content we usually get and what times most of us are active.

No killboard pvp elitism here, just laser beams and slave memes.

What we offer

  • A casual and supportive environment
  • Variety of PvP content from duo/small gang to caps
  • Services provided by alliance such as SRP and logistics
  • How you play is up to you - casual or regularly we have content weekly
  • Top of the line salt extraction methods
  • High end blobbing tactics, best blueballers and ship spinners in The Bleak Lands
  • ELITE PVP (such as ganking a T1 frigate or venture in snaked pirate frigs and boasting in local afterwards)


  • We use Discord and Teamspeak for communication and we recommend that you have a working microphone.
  • No Skillpoint requirements - however you must be willing to skill plan heavily into PvP
  • Alts are allowed, however it’s expected that you declare your main(s)
  • Activity around 5:00 - 12:00 EVE Time - there’s no point being in corp if you can’t play during our peak hours
  • Black Lancers is part of an alliance so there are additional requirements such as authentication and training towards doctrine ships.
  • English speaking

Our public channel is BKLX Public feel free to join and have a chat or you can mail Kaial Vazar if no one is online you can join our discord and introduce yourself in the public chat




The corp is still around and we are growing!

Had a good fight last night whilst defending Uisper. Despite tough resistance from the Matari militia, we managed to get capture a number of plexes and stop the enemy from taking any in return. With a few more AUTZ pilots, we could really make an impact on the warzone.

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Can confirm, this Corp is awesome and I’m lucky to fly with them.

Thanks guys!

Black lancers does things with spaceships that Italian artists paint on ceilings, it’s beautiful.

We are gaining more members every day. This evening we helped flip Raa and then took some cruisers and frigates on a roam around the warzone, getting a couple of decent kills.

Fly in the AUTZ? Want some casual PvP in a friendly and welcoming corp? Join Black Lancers today.

still alive, still recruiting

yo you peeps dont have to bother me all the time to join anymore - Ignatius Ataru is another recruiter you can speak to.

we have srp now - aimed especially at newer players/peeps learning pvp so don’t be afraid of losing your ships!

We’re still recruiting :smiley: corp has increased its active members by a bit. come join now.

Looking for Hardcore Amarr roleplayers.

Open to ALL - Ex Minmatar accepted.

Hi, still recruiting

What am i doing with my life?

I reckon this is the perfect time to join Amarr Factional Warfare, especially into my corp.


this corp is perfect for anyone that has a fetish for laser beams. we’ve been running for 6 months and will probably be going for another 6.

hey joinnnnnnn me

We are looking for incompetent FCs - join today! Recruit a friend and get director roles!