Avatar & Erebus Bridger 19.2M SP from 2006


Up for sale. 2006 Pilot
Avatar lvl 1
Erebus lvl 1

HG Amulet pod
Located in JIta
No killrights

Taking offers from 18B isk.
No rush too sell, if no good bids will take him off the market.

this sold?

Hi, still for sale

Page one

15b offer 1hour .do your want sell it?

Thnx for the free bump

Page One

18 bill bid :slight_smile:

Thnx for starting bid

To the Top, last bump before retracting sale

19Bill bid if still selling

20bill bid


Thnx for the serious offers, had other plans for this char but will sell for 23b.
Allrdy bought a titan but that is my business.

First one with offer will get the toon, otherwise cancelling sale.