Avatar Gameplay Polls and Discussion - WiS & Beyond

A little something relevant from today’s AMA with Hilmar



Yes, I also read it and I love it. It is awesome to have such a nice update! :heart: :rocket: :sun_with_face:

The big problem with WIS, is that to make it worthwhile it is essentially a new game.

i mean you its so different from Eve, you need a different game engine, completely new environments, entirely different movement physics…

Why would a game company put the money and resources into making an entirely new game and not have it be a stand alone game to sell next to its current games?

Throughout this topic, this has been discussed and as far as I can see, most of the participants agreed that a future iteration of WiS should be a separate project. This is also seen in the polls results (first post has the original poll and there is a link to the public votes poll).

For me, it seems that it would be a lot easier to integrate any future WiS development into Project Nova, since it is already in motion and it is essentially Avatar Gameplay with dropsuits. Will see what CCP will decide.

And creating an even more immersive world in the setting of EVE has become a lot easier, now that we have the advanced technology, featuring Unreal Engine 4 (used for EVE Valkyrie and Project Nova) shown in the video below.

I’m down with the ‘mobile game on Tranquility’ aspect… but I think I need more integration… and I think I have a fix for bumping too…

  • All Mining vessels now have a dirty great big Drill Bit on the front, it’s what they use to mine (lasers are bad for the environment, it’s been found).

  • In the instance that you ‘accidentally’ run into someone with your Drill Bit, it gouges a dirty great big hole in the side of the ship (size of hole dependent, of course, on armor/hull amounts).

  • This is when the mini-mobile game kicks off… on your mobile!

  • You’re now a man in a spacesuit (or however you like your avatar to be dressed), and you can actively board and take over the ship you’ve just rammed into. If you have friends they can all join in with their avatars too, on their mobiles.

  • Both ships involved remain in space, should someone ‘accidentally’ run into either ship, they are now in direct competition for all ships via hand to hand avatar combat (maybe with knives… or swords).

  • Winner takes all (the ships/contents of ships), losers have been effectively ‘podded’ back to their home stations).

Eve is saved?

FTFY :slight_smile:



Fighting on the surface of ships was showed in the Project Nova demo at Fanfest 2018, I think. They have moved back to the drawing board, so they can improve the stuff they have been working on. But it would be indeed interesting to have some fighting inside ships. Be it against major pirate factions or PVP matches, there is definitely room for experimentation.

As far as I know Nova will not have a link to the capsuleer experience, at least initially. Not sure how the stuff would work on mobile eventually. I would be perfectly happy if we got Avatar Gameplay for PC.

Let’s hope we will get some news about this at Fanfest 2020.

Way to necro a thread, was a bad idea then, is a bad idea now.


Mods can’t tell you why people flag you. They only determine if the flag is warranted and act accordingly. If they believe it’s not worth giving a ■■■■, they might as well just do nothing.

There is strong reason to believe that you got flaggged for necroing a three month old untouched thread no one cared about anymore. That looks like a really good reason to me and it’s perfectly understandable.

I’m posting this to counter that weird vibe of self importance I’m getting from your post, which might just be a misunderstanding on my part. You should definitely think about the motivation behind the flag.

Have a good one.

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There is no self importance intended in my post.

I care about this discussion, so I want to continue it. If someone doesn’t want to discuss in this thread, they should leave it and not participate in it.

If I am the only person who cares about this thread, then please, let it be locked.

Well … yeah, I agree. If they don’t like it, they can leave it, but you left a weird impression.

You left it for three months … TWICE … and then came back to apparently prevent the necro-lock. That doesn’t feel like you care, it feels like you just want it to stay open. So there already is six months of evidence that no one really gives a ■■■■.

Anyhow, good luck with your thread!

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Yes, good point, thanks.

RL has prevented me from reviewing the topic as frequent as I would like.

Somehow I wanted to discuss more, given the fact that there are recent events that would bring back the interest, but I guess the polls and the topic is pretty much concluded.

I have ideas for a new poll on the topic of avatars and I will monitor the community, wait some time and see if there is interest in avatars in the future.

In the CSM Minutes they’re stating that they’re going to rework the randomization algorithm, something something, I forgot the details.

I made a suggestion based on that in PFID and the thread got a whole whopping zero responses. Actually a good and smart suggestions to improve the outcome of their randomizer.

Zero Responses.

Oh and one Like.


Go figure. :smiley:

Talking about self importance, stop talking for everyone. This thread, along with quite (years of evidence) a few others have shown that “no one cares” is false. Just because I don’t post about my interest every 3 months does not mean it is gone. I have wanted avatar gameplay in EVE since 2008 and likely I’ll remain doing so for years to come.


It could be considered bumping. Which isn’t allowed in idea threads iirc.

Likely beyond most people’s knowledge and understanding.

I haven’t read it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s a really nice compliment! :smiley:
Thank you! :smiley:

Oh. I didn’t know that.

Shameless plug in an already dead thread.

It’s not complicated and for you definitely no problem at all to understand!

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First you post a poll with the voters hidden.

Then you cheat and stack the poll with all your alts.

Then every three months you bump the lie.

@ISD_Buldath Can we please get this lie locked?

We’re working on it!

As previously stated, I have never used an alt to vote.

You accuse me of cheating, then prove it.

The validity of the anonymous poll can be verified by moderators I believe (and I cannot control how people have voted there), but this is all getting too annoying already.

You are the most frequent poster in this thread, keeping saying that the avatar gameplay idea has been bad before, which was never the case, and you say it is bad now, which is not the case either, based on almost every participant’s opinion in this thread and you never elaborated on your arguments, thus just repeating the mantra “It is a bad idea!”. If you have arguments that go further, then post them.

I see you have a living interest in silencing this topic, that, as it seems, goes beyond what an average player/game fan would have. And I believe the topic cannot be closed, based on a single person’s loudly voiced opinion.


Moreover, the second poll, the public one, that I created, just to respect your argument, has pretty much the same results in percentage.

In any way, you have made this topic so toxic, that I really prefer it to be closed.

Nothing he sad was toxic. Nothing.
The truth isn’t toxic.
He might be wrong about it, or he might not, but it’s not ■■■■■■■ toxic.

You came here regularly to have this thread stay open, knowing that no one actually gave a single flying ■■■■ about it. Dare I say that makes you look rather suspicious. You also lied about how you care about the topic, yet you posted literally NOTHING in here for three months, TWICE, just so it doesn’t get closed.

To add to this, you make yourself look like you just want to put the blame on him,
while you actually want this thread to be locked anyway.

I suggest you leave gracefully.