Battleship Frigate Escape Bay - salvaging frigate

Addendum, you can always board your own ship despite this mechanic,
as long as you dont have weapons timer


Are you not able to use salvage drones? I pop out 5 of them after every L4, EC, or whatever and clear the field pretty fast. It can be a little tedious to target every salvage and direct each drone, but it’s still pretty quick.

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Why on earth would you do that?

Release and hit salvage, leave them to it.

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Because they only target the nearest wreck and all gangbang the same one if left to their own devices. If you target 5 of them manually, you clear the field of wrecks a whole lot faster. Nothing else to do while waiting, so that’s what I do.

I would love it if they would change it so the drones won’t all target the same wreck unless told to, but it is what it is.

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Just orbit your MTU. Your salvage drones will start to select different individual wrecks because you’ll be closer to different wrecks when orbiting.


If only there were a class of ship that allowed you to fit tractor beams and salvagers to do it manually

We could call them marauders maybe


If they are 5 drones on the same target and it’s salvaged, 4 of them will have moved to the target and made the salvage cycle for nothing.

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The targeting trick will not work.
One player ganks frigate and capsule, another boards blingy faction bs just after that.

You really are daft



that’s an answer to

If you are on the grid with the mtu, it’s really much faster to make 5 rows of wrecks, and put each drone on a different wreck.

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It’s a bad idea. Two main reasons:

  • it’s ineffective;
  • someone can steal your BS even in h-sec l4 mission sites.

How? It’s risky at ungated mission sites. Everybody in an Astero, at least, can probe your BS very fast and easy and warp there at 0 while cloaked. And who is faster - wins.

Fly a Typhoon and name it ‘Wrecked Battleship’ or ‘Space Debris’ and no one will even notice it.

(PS: don’t let the salvage drones get too close to it, though)

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If you salvage in anything but noctis you are doing it wrong.
press +1 for Noctis Escape bay implemented

Why…because my way is much more efficient than yours and your idiotic pride can’t take it, so you call me names? You do it your way, and I’ll do it mine. Honestly…you spend more time in the forums being a jerk than you do in the game. And stop trying to act tough…nobody is impressed.

-1 Why would I want to dock my Rattlesnake to go get a Noctis…or spend money on a Noctis in the first place, when I can just salvage with 5 drones? One ship…drop MTU, kill the L4 or Minor conduit, or EC, then salvage, then move on to the next one. I never have to move from start to finish, and the whole thing takes very little time.

I do this when I am tired of targeting individual wrecks or when I am feeling lazy. It does work, but sometimes I want to get the MTU in the hold quickly when I’m in a system that has lots of mission interrupters trying to bait me into a fight…like the losers they are.

You were a master baiter weren’t you?

If you know that they’re baiting you’re halfway there, the other half involves realising that the loot and salvage isn’t yours until you’re docked or tethered.

I love how people with references to pirates in their name like to whinge about… pirates.



I’ve done it both ways. Individual targeting is tedious but can clean up the wreck blob faster than just setting them loose to salvage. Having said that, I just set them loose these days.