🏳️‍🌈 Be Nice Inc., a leftist LGBTQ+ PVP Wormhole Corp & Gayest Corp in J-Space

New video, still recruiting:

Bump. Yep, just a good old regular vanilla bump.

We built this city!

We built this city on ROCK AND ROLL!

Null-sec got you down? Feeling like the game just isn’t fun anymore? Ready to try something new?

Then try over-the-counter Wormhole Space. Wormhole Space is the only content clinically proven to bring people back from the brink of winning EVE for good with its patented variety-of-content and constant-change formula.

Warning: side effects of Wormhole Space include anxiety, paranoia, anhedonia from non-wormhole activities, and becoming too based for your own good.

Talk to a BNYSE recruiter today to find out if Wormhole Space is right for you.

Still trying to slow bump this thread out of tether range. :rainbow:

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Returning player - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

Give me an “S”!
Give me a “T”!
Give me an “ill recruiting”!


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S-T-ill recruiting! :rainbow:

It’s true, we really are the gayest corp in all of J-space. :rainbow:

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Make love, not war! :rainbow:

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Well, maybe just a little bit of war. :rainbow:

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Watch us brawl in our latest video: PRISM Versus S.U.S. - YouTube.

You could try five or six corps, or you could fly with just holds up hand one.

Before I joined Be Nice, I found myself trying to live the straight and narrow path of a NS miner.
However, I’ve left all that behind me now, and by accepting the Prismatic Legion into my heart, I know that being gay and doing space crime is the right one for me.

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Converting spaceships to stardust since 2019! :rainbow:

Hey hey, I’d like to join!

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Hey hey, drop our recruiters an Eve mail :hugs:

The Winter Nexus splash art is just really random? Anyway, still recruiting :rainbow:

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Rainbows! In space! :rainbow:

We may or may not make things go boom from time to time. :rainbow:

Photography by the amazing Astronomo Cat.

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