🏳️‍🌈 Be Nice Inc. [C4, C3|C5], a leftist LGBTQ+ PVP Wormhole Corp & Gayest Corp in J-Space

Strangely enough, our submission to the poster contest didn’t win, but in the Caldari Union Day Propaganda Contest our members William Orlerian and Ivorenne Gaspardieu took first place and received an honourable mention :clap:

The only way you’ll ever hear me sing on comms is if you join the corp because I only sing for corp members.

Hey you, you can stand under our umbrella, ella, ella.

We are still recruiting, come bop to Carameldansen with us.

I had a dream last night that I always spelled out my name when I said it instead of just saying “Teacher” and it was pretty weird. Still recruiting.

We are the rainbow that emerges from the wormhole. Apply now! :rainbow:

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Check out our hot new video montage: PRISM Shenanigans - YouTube

We also have a hot new website: https://www.wormhole.gay/

hello! would love to join this corp! sent mail <3

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Boop you in the snoot :pig_nose: