🏳️‍🌈 Be Nice Inc. [C4, C3|C5], a leftist LGBTQ+ PVP Wormhole Corp & Gayest Corp in J-Space

Hell yeah we do. The worse the movie is the better.

What’s the word for when you push a ship with your ship away from the wormhole so they can’t jump? :rainbow:

Calling all genders, LGBTQ+ and ally alike – Be Nice Inc. is recruiting! :rainbow:

Hey guys!

Your corp sounds like fun.

I’m +40 years old guy, with +130m sp character.

Can fly pretty much everything you need to fly.

Only thing is i dont have much experience from WH, probably need some help to get started.
I do know the basic things about them, but im no expert.

Do you guys have public channel ingame i can join and chat with you?

Yes indeedy! Check your mail in-game :).

Looks interesting, i was on an famous EVE break… for like half a year or so now? and looking if i want to start playing again. Could i get some info on how to get in touch with any of you? Tried inviting in game, rather have a chat in some channel or w/e then an eve mail :slight_smile: .


I think you folks might be my crowd. Old-timer returning after years away to see if this game can be fun again.

Have read more and I’m officially training up to apply. I want to help make New Eden miserable for space Nazis.

Eve mail is the best for catching us really, if that doesn’t work for you feel free to shoot us a private message on the Forum. We’ll take it to Discord soon enough anyways.

Hey I would like to join your corp, but I don’t know much about wormholes. I had a guy I was chatting to on Discord show me how to scan and we went through one, and then we got ambushed and he got blown up! :joy:

Awesome, I’ll send you a message in-game.

Our post might be hidden, but we’re still here and still recruiting. :rainbow:

Remember when our post wasn’t hidden? Be Nice remembers.

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It’s just a game we play !

It’s a bop!

Bob, God of Wormholes, came to me in a vision and told me we would make j-space into gay space. We shan’t disappoint him.


Bob, God of Wormholes, has declared me his prophet and I’ve been sent to bring the good news that Be Nice Inc. is still recruiting.

Lo, and we are her disciples, and those with t2 triage are her apostles for Bob has blessed her with His mighty staff and Wo Lo, she did strike the rokh with His staff and Wo Lo Lo, isk and glitter and glittering isk did pour out and Be Nice Inc. is still recruiting.

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Hey you. You didn’t have to stop and read this comment, but you did. So you know what? I want you to have a nice day, that’s what. Go you!

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