🏳️‍🌈 Be Nice Inc. [C4, C3|C5], a LGBTQ+ Leftist Wormhole Corp with an Ultra-Gay Agenda

:rainbow: Somewhere, over the rainbow, we’re blowing stuff up. :rainbow:

CCPlz, rainbow wormholes when?


Swoosh! Wobble. Hum. Swirl. Lock. Blast! Whirl! Blip! Bling! Bump. Giggle! Boom! Cackle! Kaboom! Snicker. Swoop. Scrape. Ka-ching. Blast. Swoosh, swirl, wobble, hum.



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Still fed up with alt-right bs and still recruiting. :rainbow:

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I’m a pretty new pilot and I will be learning the skills you suggest above for WH space. I’m specially interested in logistic ships, do you have any recommendation on the ship you would like to see in your fleet? Shield? Armor repairers? I’m a bit lost on what skills are good in logi as I have never yet PVP’d I have only made industry.

Hey Lance, welcome to Eve! Drop us a mail in-game and we can continue talking there! :hugs:

Sure, I mean… you could join another corp. But are they as gay as we are?

If the answer is “yes” they sound pretty rad already. :rainbow:

I want to be in an ultra gay corp!!! You guys do a lot of gay ops?

I want to be in an ultra gay corp!!! You guys do a lot of gay ops?

Yup. We’re well known for having the gayest ops in J-space.

Look, I don’t know how many ways I can say this but… we’re like, super gay. Come be do gay space crimes with us.

If someone joins this Corp are they just another statistic or

I don’t understand the question, but thanks for the free bump!