Blood Raider destroyers in asteroid belts?

Is this a new thing now?
Im mining in a belt and out of the blue I see 2 Blood destroyers warp in.
These arent your typical Blood frigates i.e. Blood Seeker, Blood Follower. Nor are they Diamond frigates either as there are no FOBs in my system.
These I saw were combat site rats, particularly the Corpior Devoter and Corpior Templar.
Has anyone else have this happen too?
Im not complaining, it just threw me off.


Interesting. What sec system was it?

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I wont disclose the system name cuz its my home system, however it is a 0.7 in the Kador region
It is an ice belt system and has the Emerging Conduit combat site, and its been a good while since we’ve had a FOB here.
It isnt really that special of a system.
Like I said, it just surprised me when I saw destroyers in a belt

I would say you’re either based in Dantan, or Nakredge. But eh, rare are the people that will actively hunt you today.

It’s quite strange to see those Corpior rats outside of anomalies…
If you ever stumble upon them, drag your mouse on the ships’ icon in your Overview. If it says something like “Deadspace Blood Raider Destroyer”, this mean the ship is from an anomaly. Otherwise, it would say “Asteroid Blood Raider”, or something like that.

Yea Ill do that next time if they warp on top of me again.
I wanted to get a screenshot of them but they were chewing up the shields of one of my retrievers.
I figured they were from combat sites, hardly are belt rats “named”.

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